pinoyFACtalk logoPinoyFACTalk is an online forum designed for Filipino young people especially those searching for their space in the workforce and starting up a family. It is a talking ground for facts, practical tips, stories and realities of young professionals (in the urban, provinces and overseas) in their quest for establishing a career; and of young couples as they start to build their ideal home.

In our FACTalk series, I will be featuring individuals, young couples, parents and single parents as they talk about their testimonies and reflections on how they manage these important areas of their life. My goal is to bring these stories to the younger generation to help you: define your needs, discover your potentials and drive yourself to success in your chosen path.

Why Family and Career?

Being a young adult is a stage where you make the most crucial decisions in your life. Unlike those of your younger years, you are trapped in the crossroad of more serious options that determine what and where you will end up at. These options include what you want to do with your life – what career to pursue and what kind of family you want to build; or simply whether or not you want to get married.

Whatever decisions you make, it may have long-term effects not only with your own life but with the people around you. And yes, including your loved ones.

Many young people today are very quick to plunge into the wide sea of bandwagon in terms of what is “in”, or in our own terminology, “trending.” And the moment they get soaked in cold waters, it’s when they start to see the realities of the world in there. Some survive while some try to find their way out. Unfortunately for others, they get drowned and stagnate there forever because they never learn how to swim.

Thus making careful, practical and well-planned decisions are essential not only to survive but also to become successful and effective in these areas of your life. That is to live your life fully and touch others’ lives!


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