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Four Things you can Learn from Millennials

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In a world full of brands and labels, millennials seem to have earned the reputation as the easy-go-lucky generation who have nothing to offer but their fussiness on fashion, trends and superficial social media inclination.

In their own words, they are the generation of “no chill” (reckless and irrational behavior or lack of self-control), “thirsty” (wanting something so bad, too eager and desperate) and “turnt” (always ready to party).FullSizeRender

Thus no wonder that people keep “throwing shade” (trash talk or give disapproval) at them.

But in their own rights, millennials can claim to be the “GOAT” (greatest of all time), “woke” who are socially and politically aware or simply “smol” (someone who is extremely small and cute).

But nah! They also dream to make the world a better place like the infamous heroes we all knew of.

Having spent many years of my life leading and working with millennials or those twenty-somethings (born to older Gen X’ers in the year 1980’s to 2000’s), I have come to realize and appreciate many things that are unique to this generation.

I have jotted down four things that speak of their character, behavior and attitude towards themselves and others, which can be beneficial for any business or organization:

1. They are “Daring.” How dare you think this is only about physical attributes!? Of course, the daring-ness of the youth goes beyond their just revealing fashion and provocative self-expression. Millennials are bold about their thoughts and feelings, and always have the courage to take risk. They face problems without worry or fear and without being too concerned about the consequences of their actions and decisions. And when they fail, they simply pick up their pieces and try out again. Who would have known that the many things we enjoy today were possible it were not for millennials who are never afraid to dare?

2. Can do Multi-tasking. Millennials’ mind are like computers programmed to process several tasks concurrently. They have the capacity to maximize their time by thinking while keeping their hands busy and accommodate multiple demands especially at work. They have mastered the art of juggling a full-time job, home-making and studying all at the same time. And being productive in all these areas!

3. Well-Connected and Engaging. Relationships and social life are important to the young. You cannot confine them in a box. They spend time to talk to people, make friends and develop networks. They find spaces where they could express themselves and contribute their skills. They can easily connect with one another under common persuasions such as art, technology, trends and language. Young professionals can be more productive if they are in a company of people who they feel comfortable and can relate with.

4. Always Wanting. Theirs is a hungry generation always wanting for something new. They love to innovate new things, explore new paths and try new challenges. They are oozing with energy, dynamism and fresh ideas. They have many dreams and expectations for themselves and they work so hard to achieve them, which has brought many young individuals to the world of success and fame.

Though misunderstood most of the time, it is undeniable that millennials comprise a big portion of the workforce and society. Many of the things that have drastically changed the course of history – be it in the field of business, education, politics, culture and the arts – were born out of these young, bold and daring minds.

Working with this generation requires the use of certain language, attitude and yes, tons of patience.

The truth is, millennials are not without issues and struggles. But they can be the most productive generation if given proper perspective, guidance, training and opportunity to better contribute and express themselves.