Project 5 (PressOn at Five Years): Unleashing Stories from the Ground

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Five young professionals from diverse background share a chronicle of their own journey in finding their place in the corporate and later becoming part of a humble company, which turned five years early this year.

PressOn Inc. is a subsidiary company of PressReader – considerably the biggest online publishing company and world leader in multi-channel newspaper and magazine content distribution and monetization. Through the years, it has elated itself at the fact of providing employment opportunities for young professionals from different walks of life.

But beyond just serving as bread-and-butter to young folks in the labor force, it also serves as a venue where their potentials are enhanced, relationships are nurtured and lives are changed. In this short film, these individuals talked about their humble beginnings and their stories of struggles, joys and hope inside and outside the bounds of work.

Their stories are also stories of their co-workers and of many young Filipino professionals in the so called “corporate world” who seek to meaningfully utilize their potentials, participate in nation-building and improve the quality of their life.

Congruent to its tagline “Connecting People Through News”, the company continues to connect people through employment, relationships and touching the lives of the young generation.

(Disclaimer: The production of this video was made solely for the 6th Annual Holiday Event of the company. Any opinion of the subjects in this material does not reflect the principles or policies of the company and its management. More information about the company at


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